Working Together To Keep South Miss Families Fed

After completing one food drive in Lawton Oklahoma, The School of Athens started on their second in South Mississippi.

A simple question was directed towards Michael and Remington. “What community project do you two want to take on while we are on vacation?”, asked Michael McGill Jr. It was easy for the two boys to decide to do another Food Drive like the one that they just completed, in which collected over 250lbs of food.

The young community leaders were able to see first hand how their food drive made a difference so it was natural for them to want to do this for their own hometown community. They decided on the Long Beach Community Food Pantry, which feeds around 3500 families a year in South Mississippi. 

They started with a post on the Residents of Long Beach, 39560 Facebook Page and the School of Athens Facebook Page asking if anyone would consider donating to help raise 500lbs of food for the Long Beach Food Pantry. Cash donations started to arrive from all over the United States through Paypal, CashApp and Venmo from previous donors that have made contributions to other projects in the past.

It wasn’t long before the Girl Scouts Troop 4625 out of Long Beach, Mississippi asked if they could join this community event. “The girls jumped into action almost instantly, and collected hundreds of pounds of food”, says Michael McGill. He never thought they would be such a powerful community asset. Other individual donors took it upon themselves to setup their own drop off locations for donations at their homes.

The School of Athens and the Girl Scouts Troop 4625 were able to hit their goal of 500lbs by 10 July and delivered it to its final destination at the Long Beach Community Food Pantry on Johnson Rd, that will help feed families.

The School of Athens is a 501c3 Nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation to help children in need, you can do so through Paypal, Venmo or CashApp. If you would rather write a check, one of the Board of Directors will personally pick it up from you. You can contact Michael at

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