Lawton Elementary School Lunch Debt

The School of Athens has been asked by local people in the Lawton community to help wipe out another local elementary schools lunch debt. ” If we are able to raise the money, this will be the 17th school that we have been able to help“, says Michael McGill. A post was made on the Lawton Grapevine facebook page about a brave young man that asked his mother for extra lunch money. When his mother asked what he needed the money for, he explained that his friend doesn’t get to eat like everyone else and the family sprang into action. The School of Athens is no stranger to the struggles that our children’s schools deal with everyday. Some examples of their hard work can be seen. The charity has provided 300 school uniforms and 100lbs of health and hygiene items to Lincoln elementary this year alone. After paying off over $1600.00 in lunch debt at Hugh Bish elementary in 2018, The School of Athens knew they have uncovered an issue that gets harder to pay for everyday.

The School of Athens is  501c3 Nonprofit and all donations are tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation to eliminating the school lunch debt, you can do so through Paypal or Venmo @SchoolOfAthens. If you would rather write a check, one of the Board of Directors will personally pick it up from you. You can contact Michael at


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