Fort Sill Officer Wins Volunteer Service Award

Nicholas Levay is a Field Artillery officer that is stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He has been selected for the 75th FIRES Brigade FY20 4th quarter Army Volunteer Award. “Being selected for an award like this is something that I feel I didn’t deserve”, said 2Lt Levay. This award is given out every 90 days to a Soldier within the 75th FIRE Brigade. The selection process can be tough but, it is well deserved.

2LT Nicholas Levay has been working with the School of Athens since he was assigned to the 75th FIRES Brigade. The School of Athens is a 501c3 nonprofit charity that is dedicated to giving underprivileged children and veterans an equal opportunity at life. 2LT Levay has delivered several thousand pounds of food directly into the hearts of communities and he has been able to see its impact. “Going from door to door and seeing the relief on the children’s faces when you give them much needed milk and vegetables is something that I will never forget”, says Levay.

School of Athens Board Member, Zac Christianson said “People like him is a force multiplier when it comes to impacting the lives of children. Nicholas is the person we call when we have a project that is bigger than our ability, and he has never said no to anything we have asked him to help us with”.

2LT Levay plans on becoming a Project Lead with the School of Athens over the next year and expand the charities capabilities throughout Oklahoma. If you are interested in donating or assisting 2LT Levay in nonprofit work, you can contact the School of Athens and see what is on the schedule for 2021.

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