Children’s Charity Switches Gears for South Mississippi Hospitals

The School of Athens Charity, which typically focuses on children and veterans, is switching gears in an effort to support the community during COVID-19 by helping 1200 medical professionals on the front lines in South Mississippi hospitals.

Over the last few weeks, John Paul Beteta at Beteta’s Prints has been using 3-D printers to make Ear Protectors for any medical professionals who use one. John Paul knew that the School of Athens was looking for a project to take on so he reached out to them. Ear protectors take the pressure off of the nurses ears where the rubber bands normally rest.

As a result of COVID-19, the School of Athens had all but stopped normal community projects. During the Board of Directors meeting, the board realized John Paul was on to something. The Ear Protectors were cheap to make, so even a small donation would effect a dozen nurses.

Michael McGill reached out to Jamie Morris from Gulfport Memorial Hospital and Natalie Bourque from Merit Health Biloxi to see if this was something the medical staff at the hospitals in South Mississippi could use. Both were very thankful for the donation. “I would love to help get this out to the nurses around the area”, said Natalie.

The School of Athens is thankful for the donors that made this possible. Without your donations, the charity would not be able to provide for underprivileged child, military veterans and now nurses on the frontlines

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