Charity provides 1,100 lbs of Food To Community Feeding Programs

School of Athens delivered 1,100 lbs of potatoes to 11 needy families and five community feeding kitchens throughout Lawton Oklahoma.

Michael and his sons were in the right place at the right time. “When I saw that the church giving away the potatoes, I instantly noticed the feeding potential”, Says Michael McGill. Michael made a quick phone call to Zac Christianson, a board member ” Want to help me feed all of Lawton at the same time”, Michael said jokingly over the phone. Zac replied “where do you need me?”.

Zac just kicked off a Lawton Food Drive a few days ago to restock the M28 Ministries dwindling food pantry, so he knew exactly where to take a few hundred pounds. Michael called the local community feeding kitchens to see if they had a need for a bulk load of potatoes and they all said that they would take whatever they could carry.

The McGill families youngest member Remington, which is nine years old was the mostly motivated by the opportunity. “I got to load food into a fire truck”, he said. Michael McGill III does this work with his father so much that if almost feels like a job to him. He has grown up taking care of others that need a helping and he sees the importance of community support, like this.

If you and your family are interested in helping the School of Athens or willing to help cook for the community, you can reach out to many different organizations like the Center for Creative Living or C Carter Crane Center.

If you would like to volunteer you can visit the School of Athens Facebook page or make a donation to support this nonprofit, they welcome Paypal, Venmo and Cash App.

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